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Bunk Beds now $120/mth

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STL Crashpads


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Pilots and Flight Attendants


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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

"Just wanted to thank you for all the hospitality.  Being at Pilot Projects was a lot of enjoyment in a difficult time.  I made some good friends here that helped pass the time being on reserve.  No one is sure how long we will be gone, but when I come back I sure hope you'll have a room for a ...guy like me.  You guys have a great product!  Thanks for everything & God Bless."  AL



     The above quote is from a crewmember that stayed with us until he was furloughed.  His words and feeling let us know that we are achieving what we intended when we started Pilot Projects in June of 2002.


     Our mission is to reduce the stress associated with commuting by providing convenient, inexpensive, living and sleeping accommodations for professional airline crew members.  We do this by providing well maintained buildings that offer safe, clean, and pleasant environments allowing for a better quality of life while away from home.


     We take an active role in running the crashpads.  You will see us there.  We do not have an endless list of rules for you to follow.  Our philosophy is that if you work for an airline you are a professional.  If you are new to the industry we will help you understand the concept of living at a crashpad.  If you are a veteran with years of experience you will appreciate how we run the places.


     We are an experience airline couple who have seen the best and the worst of crashpads.  We have expanded on the best and fixed the worst.  There are no “horror” stories here.


     If you would like to see the crashpads in person or if you need some questions answered please give us a call at (314) 429-2299.


     Thanks for visiting our website.


Maribel and David

Pilot Projects Inc.

STL, Missouri


Please get in touch to offer comments and to have you questions answered!

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